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Fly in Greece Will Ensure Your Next Vacation Is Unforgettable!

Explore Greece Like Never Before

Fly in Greece offers the most diverse and exciting helicopter and airplane tours in Greece. You can select one of our predesigned excursions or create a unique, custom experience for your vacations.

Many customized activities are possible. Our Bespoke trip department is available to help you design a program that will fit your needs, budget and timing. Our team is ready to take your vacation to the next level.

Private Charters

Private helicopter and charter jets also take the stress out of travelling for leisure. The generous cabin interior of a private plane allows for luxurious comfort and complete privacy during a flight.

Whether you are taking a quick trip to the airport or heading to Greek islands or heading to your luxury accommodation for the weekend, a helicopter charter offers a quick, easy and comfortable alternative for travel in Greek area.

Private Tours

A day trip to Meteora will certainly be an unforgettable experience! The stunning natural phenomenon of the Meteora rocks and the Byzantine Monasteries of Meteora, a renowned UNESCO heritage site will astonish you. Usually a 4-hour drive from Athens, with a Helicopter it is 1 hour, in a reliable, fast and comfortable way.

Experience a once life experience by visiting the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia. Visit all the ancient mysteries and myths of Ancient Olympia via air transfer in the most enjoyable way, fast, comfortable and safe. A helicopter charter tour truly is the only way to fly.

Luxury Villas

Fly in Greece offers an unrivaled selection of the finest luxury hotels & villas in Greece.

A large variety of villas are offered for rent across the Greek islands, as well as luxury apartments and mansions throughout Greece.

We can create a fully personalized trip from start to finish, working with you to pick locations, accommodation and guides that suit you.

We are ready to write this unique story with you

Private Transportation

Full-time open service in which we provide an experienced driver and a luxury vehicle to take you comfortably to any place you want at any time during your stay.

Available all day and perfect for families or corporate groups with a busy agenda.

Enjoy the comfort of our luxury vehicles with personalized amenities for a unique experience.

Yacht Charter

When you absolutely must make a great first impression.

Our VIP service is the industry standard, and your prospective clients will appreciate it. Close your eyes and visualize chartering along the Greek Islands. Taste the vibrant cuisines, experience the cultures, hear the music, see the arts, soak up the history, scenery, color, and begin to feel the state of euphoria that washes over you.

Group Travel

Experience ancient ruins, sunny days at the beach, delicious Greek food and culture in a luxury family vacation to Greece. If you’re looking for a wonderful group adventure packed with interesting activities, outdoor exploration and a whole lot to learn in a fun and interactive way, then Greece is ideal.

With 16,000km of coastline and a collection of islands, the beach and water is a huge part of a visit to Greece. Relax on the bright white sands of a secluded beach and splash in the brilliant blue water, or hop aboard a boat and see what the different islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas have to offer. Whether you’re in the mood for watersports, or you’d rather keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, Greece’s coast is never dull.

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